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AROUND BARI: Polignano a mare, Alberobello e Castellana Grotte

VOLARE, OH OH, CANTARE OH OH OH! Polignano a mare is the hometown of the composer of this song, Domenico Modugno and it is just 20 minutes away from Bari, After you appreciate the traces of Arab, Byzantine, Norman and Spanish past, all involved in this village named as ‘’The Pearl of the Adriatic’’. You can walk by a beautiful historic center and admire panoramic views and beautiful beaches without forgetting that this is the Ice Cream City in Puglia. Don’t miss the ‘’Caffé speciale’’: espresso coffee, lemon peel, whipped cream and sweet almonds liqueur. Buonissimo! You can continue visiting Alberobello with its little white houses “Trulli’’ made as prove of a genial and long term spontaneous architecture from the second part of the XV century and Castellana Grotte, where you can explore the incredible caves.