Exploring Italy With Children – Unique Activities For Kids

Italy is well known for being a great place to visit with your family. A country with a strong emphasis on family, Italian hospitality certainly embraces a child-centric culture, which allows you to relax and know that the kids are truly welcome.

While you can enjoy knowing that whatever your favourite pursuit, you can bring the entire family, when adventuring in Italy, choosing to undertake a holiday that includes specific child-friendly activities that go beyond the norm can turn your vacation into an event which the whole family will reminisce fondly about for years to come.

At Taols, we have a range of holidays, trips and days out that cater specifically for children, but are also great fun for adults too! From enjoying traditional mask making in Florence, exploring a farm by night, we create moments that will live in the memory forever.

Fancy some adult time? We can help with that too – from arranging a babysitter at your residence to our children only activities you can leave them in our qualified capable hands, and go an explore those places that the kids aren’t so keen on.

Blending Travel and Learning

While we firmly believe that travel is an education in itself, learning while on holiday needn’t be about dusty museums or having a nose in a book. Why not our Florence treasure hunt for children? Your kids get to scour the city looking for ‘treasure’ and learn a lot of new and interesting facts about the history of Florence. Or how about spending a half day as a member of the Medici family? Taols gives you the opportunity to experience the real court life, a court involvement into how they used to live, to dress, to sleep and to relate between them. They even get to wear clothing and hats that reflect the era – letting them be a prince or princess!

Foodie Fun

Teaching children to enjoy a love of good, nutritious food from a young age, and sharing cooking experiences will give them the foundations of a life-long healthy relationship with food and cookery, so why not enjoy some foodie experiences that will tantalise the taste buds! For a sure-fire winner try a pizza and gelato making lesson at a traditional Italian farmhouse. Pizza and ice cream – what’s not to love!

Or how about an olive oil making experience for the kids? Enjoy a private guided visit that will show the entire process from tree to table, and of course what trip would be complete without an enjoyable tasting session with meats cheese oil (and a glass of vino for the adults) at the end!

If you’re hankering after some time to explore the shops or galleries that the kids aren’t so keen on, why not take some time out for yourself, while the kids enjoy an Italian cookery class with a professional group of babysitters.

Unusual Activities with the Kids in Italy

From exploring the world of Pinocchio to enjoying a birds eye view of Tuscany from a hot air balloon, at Taols, we allow you to create the perfect moments that make up a wonderful childhood holiday that will leave an impression that lasts a lifetime.