Holidays With Toddlers – How To Make It Easier

Holidays with Toddlers – Tips to Make It Easier
Some say there’s no more challenging vacation than a trip overseas with toddlers. In reality, holidays with toddlers can be everything you’ve ever wished for and so much more!

As with most things in life, it all comes down to the way you handle it! From seaside breaks in the Algarve to dreamy retreats in the Tuscan countryside, trips with toddlers are always magical and memorable. It’s simply a case of ensuring they’re memorable for the right reasons.

So with this in mind, here’s a brief rundown of a few tips and suggestions from those who’ve travelled with toddlers…and survived the experience:

1. Plan for plenty of time

It’s hard to stick like glue to a travel schedule at the best of times, let alone when you’re travelling with toddlers. If you think you’ll need two hours to get to the airport, add an extra hour into your plans just in case. If you’ve got connecting flights, trains or buses to catch, be sure to err or on the side of caution and allow a ton of extra time.

2. Research and choose destinations carefully

The last thing you want is to arrive at your destination and find there’s nothing to do to entertain your toddler. It’s worth remembering that if your toddler is happy, you’re in for a happy vacation. Hence, you might want to prioritise their comfort and enjoyment at the destination, rather than your own.

3. Stick with their routine

Alteration to your toddler’s usual regime is a guaranteed recipe for upset. If possible, try to stick with their existing schedule by planning activities that accommodate their meal times, naptimes and so on.

4. Choose family friendly accommodation

Some hotels and lodgings claim to be ‘family friendly’ simply by accepting bookings from families. By contrast, others provide wall-to-wall entertainment and enough to keep your toddler busy for weeks on end. Don’t take things for granted – see how ‘family friendly’ or otherwise the place really is.

5. Forget travelling light

One of the keys to successful trips with toddlers is ensuring you prepare for every eventuality. This means accepting that travelling light is out of the question, packing anything and everything you need (or might need) to cope with whatever happens along the way.

6. Carry  distractions

It’s inevitable that toddlers will become tired and grumpy along the way, so it pays to have a few things on-hand to distract and/or bribe them with. Appealing to their sensibilities with a new toy, colouring book or unexpected treat at the right time really can make all the difference.

7. Time things strategically

Catching the red-eye may be nightmarish for you, but what if your toddler sleeps soundly through the entire journey? Along with more peaceful transit, you’re guaranteed a far more friendly and receptive toddler upon arrival.

8. Smile through the stress

Last but not least, it’s unrealistic to expect the whole trip to pass by without at
least a couple of tantrums. Rather than letting these little upsets spoil
everything, accept them for what they are and move on. The more realistic you
are about what to expect (i.e. anything and everything), the more likely you are
to enjoy your trip.

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