Italy as a destination after the Covid 19!

Italy for many people remains the favourite destination in Europe.
After the lockdown and various phases, once the borders will re open, hopefully many visitors will come to Italy again. Firstly Europeans then probably, end 2020, people from other countries.
How will people travel? Things will change, for sure.
Perhaps travelling to Italy will be more expensive, the new visitors will not choose group tours and activities, public coaches, shared rooms in hostels anymore, so probably less people will come and travelling for a while will be something just for who can afford private drivers, private hotels room or private villas.
The activities they will choose will be more country oriented, probably more wine and gourmet tours, exploration of villages, private boat tours, hiking and bike experiences. To rent a car will be preferred to the transportation via train.
Italy is working on all the safety standars in order to be ready to welcome foreign guests in the next months.
Covid 19 will not cancel the beauty of this country, renowned all over the world as the home of fashion, art, romance, sun, pizza, pasta, gelato, incredible beaches, amazing mountains and UNESCO sites!