Luxury Italy – Planning Your Perfect Trip

What does true luxury look like? If you’re planning the ultimate luxury holiday to Italy, what can you do to make it the unforgettable trip of a lifetime?

In Italy, pretty much anything goes. Whatever you want is right there on a silver platter – you simply have to ask for it. Italy does luxury and exclusivity better than anywhere else on earth, making it the perfect place for the discerning traveller.

But what kinds of ‘must-do’ activities, excursions and indulgences should make it to your list?

However long you plan to stay in Italy for, the following executive experiences come highly recommended:

Travel by Private Helicopter

From airport transfers to unforgettable aerial tours of Rome, nothing says luxury quite like private helicopter travel. With an experienced pilot and guide at your disposal, you’ll experience a side of Italy only the privileged few get to see.  Once you’ve travelled Italy by helicopter, there really is no going back.

Hire a Ferrari

Whether for a day, a weekend or an extended stay, you can’t return home from Italy without experiencing the thrill of a Ferrari. One of the country’s most infamous and envied exports, a Ferrari supercar is just the thing for cruising the idyllic Italian countryside. Chauffeurs are optional, but the real fun lies in getting behind the wheel yourself.

Private Shopping Excursions

Anyone can go shopping in Italy, but how about luxury shopping in Milan with the help of an experienced personal shopper? If you’d prefer to bypass the generic and target only the most exquisite boutiques and stores Italy has to offer, this really is the way to go. Find the hidden gems most visitors overlook entirely and gain exclusive access to Italy’s most stylish stores, at a time and date to suit you.

Luxury Yacht Cruises

Taking to the seas around Italy is an absolute joy from spring to autumn.  Nevertheless, there’s no better way to take in the sights from this unique vantage point than from the comfort and luxury of your own private yacht.  Soak up the sun on board or get acquainted with the local marine life with a spot of snorkelling. Whatever it takes for an outing you’ll never forget, it’s right there for the taking.

Take in Tuscany From the Clouds

Last but not least, there’s a reason people have been travelling by hot air balloon for more than 200 years. When it comes to soaking up the magic and wonder of places like Tuscany, the only way to truly do so is from above. A Tuscan hot air balloon adventure represents the kind of once in a lifetime experience you simply cannot afford to pass up. Travel at dawn and watch the sun come up of the hills, before drifting dreamily back to land and enjoying a breakfast the way only the Italians can do it!

To discuss these or our other luxurious Italian experiences, contact a member of the team at Taols today.