Off the Beaten Path – Unusual Tours In Italy

Visiting the most renowned sites and cities of Italy is a must for any traveller.  Nevertheless, there are times when you simply have to take a step back and position yourself a little further from the beaten path.

The iconic landscapes of Italy are bursting at the seams with incredible opportunities for adventure and exploration. It’s simply a case of knowing where to look for them and having an experienced guide lead the way!

So for those looking to experience a side of Italy most visitors never encounter, here are a few suggestions for your next luxury excursion:

Grandma’s Kitchen

First up, there’s no cooking in Italy quite as revered and celebrated as grandma’s cooking. On this All-Inclusive excursion, you’ll discover the secrets to cooking in the same way Umbrian grandmas have been cooking for countless generations. Attend a class at a beautiful villa near Perugia, or in the kitchen of your own private host if preferred! The ultimate authentic Italian cookery course for discerning gastronauts.

Today I feel like a King

Everyone should feel like royalty from time to time, so why not indulge in the most flamboyant and festive three days of your life? Don medieval costumes, enjoy banquets fit for a King, ride horses, shoot arrows and take a fascinating journey through the history of ancient Italy. An unforgettable experience and an inspiring adventure, surrounded by some of Italy’s most beautiful landscapes.

Ferrari, Parmigiano, Cheese and Balsamic Lovers Tour       

This is a tour that delivers exactly as it promises. Learn how Parmigiano Reggiano cheese is made and taste it to your heart’s content, visit a balsamic vinegar production facility and take a trip to the Ferrari museum. A feast for all five senses and a truly unique tour off the beaten path.

Tour the Marble Quarries by Jeep  

Strap yourself in for a breathtaking journey to the very highest peaks of the Alps, under the watch of your expert English-speaking driver. Take in some of the most inspiring scenery in the whole of Italy, before enjoying a break and tasting a series of delicacies produced by local farmers. An exhilarating and mouthwatering experience, all in a convenient half-day excursion.

The Sistine Chapel by Moonlight

Why do battle with thousands of noisy and aggressive tourists during the day, when you can enjoy one of the world’s most famous historic sites during the peace and quiet of night? Complete peace and tranquility, combined with one of the most beautiful works of art in recorded history. Experience the Sistine Chapel by moonlight and you may never look at Rome’s major visitor attractions the same again!

Fiat 500 Tour      

Last but not least, what better way to explore the heart and soul of Florence than from the comfort and privacy of your own Fiat 500? Your experienced guide will take you from the heart of the city to the beautiful Florentine hills, meandering through vineyards, olive groves and so much more along the way.  A relaxing and enjoyable trip that’s ideal for adults and kids of all ages!

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