Photo Shoot + Photography Tours: Get Snappy in Italy

Whether you’re coming to Italy for work or play, it’s a safe bet at least half a dozen people said, “Take lots of pictures!” before you got on the plane.

Though there are certainly times to put away the camera and just breathe in a foreign country, capturing permanent memories during your trip to look at forever is important. Truthfully though, not all of us have an eye for photography or own equipment fancier than our phones, and although phones today take incredible pictures, sometimes you just want more. Perhaps you’d like to take a photography class, go on a photography tour or simply have someone take professional pictures of you, your family or your special celebration surrounded by the beauty of city settings or country scenes.

Regardless, there are many ways to get snappy in Italy. Here are just a few.

First, you can schedule a photo shoot with a professional. Getting engaged or married – or eloping! – in Italy is a prime time to hire an in-country photographer who knows the best spots and the best time of day to ensure your pictures are worth a thousand words. If the engagement, wedding, honeymoon, anniversary celebration or renewal of vows is a surprise, an Italian photographer familiar with the area can help you decide on a perfect location prior to leaving home, and take care of the details so your special moment will be stress-free. And don’t worry if you’ve already chosen a setting for your event, whether it be in the heart of Rome’s history, the Cinque Terre’s vibrant towns or a vineyard in the hills of Tuscany – bringing in a local to take your photos is an easy and cost-effective way to take your memories home. Gifting attendees with a photo, or sending them to friends or family who couldn’t attend, means everyone can partake in the fun. Visiting Italy as a family is another time to hire a professional. Many photographers will join you for a specific amount of time while you tour to take candid lifestyle portraits, making the most of setting, light and emotion for dreamy, one-of-a-kind images. Or, if you just want to avoid the hassle of asking strangers to take pictures of you in front of an incredible fountain or work of art, or be relegated to taking constant selfies, you could hire a photographer to follow you around for a day, snapping pictures and giving you the freedom to truly enjoy your surroundings.

Second, if you want to grow as a serious photographer, take your amateur skills to a new level, or even delve into photography for the first time, you might want to consider taking an actual photography class while in Italy. Your whole trip might be photography-focused, with daily workshops teaching you tips for more beautiful and balanced images. These tours can last as many as 14 days and include tour guides, professional photographers and transportation to locations throughout a particular region. Even publications like National Geographic, with some of the most renowned and prolific photographers in the world, run lengthy tours throughout the country. These often include luxury accommodations, insider opportunities to view and photograph art or locations not available to the general public and small tour sizes.

Finally, if your dream is to take a shorter tour at a specific location to maximize the quality of your snaps, there are many great options to choose between. And, because the photographers leading the tours are locals, you won’t simply visit tourist hotspots, although those are also included. You’ll get off the average path into the beating heart of a city or town, which will result in truly unique images. These tours come in all shapes and sizes. For example… …taking one on one 3-hour tours of Venice with a professional photographer as guide and teacher. …learning low light methods and tips while touring Rome at night, bathed in moonlight while drinking prosecco. …cycling in Bologna or walking in Florence, Venice or Rome on a tour specifically designed to catch Instagram-worthy moments. …or enjoying a vintage-tinged tour of major Italian cities using retro Polaroid cameras. Regardless of which type of photography-focused trip you’re interested in, or if you need a local to take pictures of your event, rest assured: When you return home you can make your friends happy by saying, “See? I took lots of pictures just like you asked!”

(Taols Luxury Travel can work with you to hire the perfect photographer, so you don’t have to deal with a language barrier. We can also set up transportation to your location – even arrange for costume tours should you wish to, for example, dress up in Venice Carnival finery and have the moment captured professionally. Day or hours long photography tours can be easily written into your itinerary. We’ll take care of everything.)