Summer in Italy – Everything you Need to Know

Summer in Italy – All You Need to Know

Exploring Italy during the height of the summer can be a pleasure like no other.  Throughout the warmer months of the year, Italy bursts into life with colourful local festivals, idyllic beach life and a café culture unlike that of anywhere else.

As always, planning holds the key to getting the most out of your summertime Italian escape. As far as the locals are concerned, the following tips will stand you in good stead for your dream vacation:

  1. Be prepared for summer closures

First up, August is prime holiday season for Italians. Rather than capitalising on hungry and thirsty tourists, you can expect plenty of smaller (and particularly family-run) businesses to close their doors. Don’t be too surprised if a handful of eateries you had in mind are closed for quite some time – especially between August 15 and September 1 for ‘Ferragosto’.

  1. Book your trips ahead of time

There’s no better time than the summer to indulge in a spot of stargazing, embark on a private cruise or explore Tuscany from the clouds. However, it’s worth remembering that the most sought-after trips and excursions sell out way in advance. If there’s something you’ve got your heart set on, it’s worth booking ahead – not waiting until the last minute.

  1. Dress appropriately

You can wear shorts and flip flops in Italy, but you may as well hang a huge “I’m a tourist!” banner over your shoulder. In any case, the ancient cobbled streets of Italy’s most beautiful towns and cities really aren’t made for casual beach footwear. Think like an Italian, dress like an Italian and enjoy the best of Italy like a local.

  1. Skip the queues

Heard the horror stories about eight-hour queues to get into Rome’s most iconic attractions? They’re true…but it doesn’t mean you need to queue for even a minute. For just a tiny additional fee, you can book ‘queue jumping’ tickets online which deliver exactly as they promise. No time queuing, more time doing what really matters – enjoying your holiday.

  1. Head for high ground

Every summer, many thousands of Italians abandon the cities and head for the mountains. In doing so, they enjoy more comfortable temperatures, breath-taking scenery and none of the usual tourist crowds. If Italy’s key towns and cities are too crowded and chaotic, head for higher ground and you’ll be in your element.

  1. Learn Italian beach etiquette

By beach etiquette, we really mean reading the rules carefully before parking up on the sand. If it says ‘no ball games’ or ‘no water craft allowed’, you better believe they mean it. Unless you want a stern whistle and telling-off from the lifeguard, it’s wise to play by the rules.

  1. Make the most of the summer treats

Las up, the summer months really are the perfect time to eat your own body weight in gelato. Or for something a little more sophisticated, Rome’s traditional fruity grattachecca dessert, or Sicily’s elegant version of a slushie known as granita. You’ll also find most cafes and stalls selling caffe shakerato throughout the summer – sugary, icy and with just enough caffeine to keep you going!

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