Vegan Eating in Italy

Famed for mozzarella, gelato, nduja sausage and all things animal produce Italy may seem to be a no go for anyone embracing a plant based diet.

However, the abundance of fresh, Mediterranean vegetables, legume based meals, and of course pasta actually allows for the discovery of a world of beautiful vegan dishes to enjoy.

As any traveller who has visited Italy will know, food is embedded in culture; venture into any Italian home and you will be greeted with a warm welcome and most likely effusive offers of food, as a nation, we take looking after our guests very seriously!

The Simplicity of Italian Cooking

Unlike other countries, where recipes can involve complex processes (we’re looking at you France!), the beauty of Italian cookery very much lies in its simplicity. Italians believe in showcasing fine produce in a straightforward way, allowing flavours to shine without the need for lots of ingredients.

For the vegan traveller this simple way of cooking provides a dual benefit; from a practical perspective, it makes it very easy to check with your restaurant or chef that the food is indeed free of animal products, and from a gastronomic one, it allows you to enjoy fantastic dishes where vegan ingredients take centre stage.

La Cucina Povera

A phrase meaning “cooking of the poor” or peasant cooking, La Cucina Povera derived from the generally depressed economic conditions in the South of Italy post war, where food choices were limited.

This now fashionable way of aims to utilise whatever is found in the kitchen to prepare meals and gave rise to some of the most favoured Italian dishes we know and love today, including bruschetta, minestrone and pasta fagioli.

Of course, for those who were suffering poor economic circumstances, meat most certainly was not in abundance and therefore for the vegan foodie, the re-emergence of cooking “Poor style” can be rather a blessing.

Discover New Flavours

At Taols, we have a wealth of holidays and experiences that cater for the vegan visitor. Why not enjoy the services of a hands on cookery class in your private villas with a vegan chef, who will help you to come home with a variety of vegan recipes that allow you to bring out the flavour of ingredients to their full potential.

Prefer to keep out of the kitchen yourself while relaxing on holiday? Allow us to provide a private chef at your residence who can whip up a flavoursome vegan breakfast, brunch, lunch or dinner.

For those embracing a raw food diet, our Raw Foodism experience allows you to create recipes with a specialised chef who will teach you how to cut, slice, centrifuges, marinate or dehydrate to create raw wishes brimming with nutritional value.

Whether you are a vegan, or just want to discover new dishes that are free of meat and dairy, Italy offers a wealth of opportunity to discover new flavour combinations where plant based foods take centre stage.