Who is the Travel Agent?

The Travel Agent is the professional who helps travellers plan their travels. The first task of the Travel Agent is therefore to listen to the wishes of customers and to recommend the best holiday or stay. He will then have to plan all aspects of the trip: from choice of destination to booking, from transport to overnight stays, prepare itineraries and provide practical information on destinations to guarantee customers the best possible travel experience.

The Travel Agent works in direct contact with customers to identify their specific needs and tries to meet their expectations while respecting the budgeted spending limits. The aim is to offer customers the trip or vacation of their dreams, within the established budget limits.

In particular, the Travel Agent talks with his customers to identify the best possible destination showing the main attractions, the most suitable means for travel, the accommodation facilities available, the weather conditions and everything that can fully satisfy their desires and give the customer an unforgettable experience.

Subsequently, the Travel Agent books air and rail tickets (but also any car rental), overnight stays (in hotels, resorts or tourist villages) and other ancillary services such as tickets for excursions, visits to museums, concerts and events.

In case of problems during the trip or needs to change the itinerary, the Travel Agent organizes alternative solutions to minimize the inconvenience of customers. In addition, the Travel Agent handles any complaints and refund requests on behalf of the clients.

Customers who turn to the Travel Agent can be professionals who have to organize a business trip, families looking for a relaxing holiday or young people who want to explore new places.

Planning a vacation is an operation that therefore requires time and accuracy. The task of the Travel Agent is to simplify this process, offering a consultancy service to meet the customer’s needs. The skills of the Travel Agent are therefore multiple; among the fundamental ones there is a good knowledge of English and other foreign languages, knowledge in the IT field and a good general culture. He also often knows the main travel destinations, possibly specializing in a specific geographical area.

As for the technical-professional skills, these are: an in-depth knowledge of the tourism sector in all its components: accommodation, transport, intermediation. An excellent knowledge of the geographical, political, climatic and cultural characteristics of the main destinations present in the tourist catalogs. Knowledge of the main management software applied to tourism and tourism intermediation. Finally, a knowledge of the juridical and legal aspects for the sale of tourist services.

In summary, the Travel Agent tries to satisfy customer requests regarding the planning of personalized trips or the purchase of already organized travel packages. He must therefore provide information and advice, check availability, make reservations and sell tickets or organized travel packages. He must also have problem solving skills, and be able to solve any problems related to travel arrangements.