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Palazzo Vecchio and the secrets paths – For children

Can you imagine going through all that secret places where not everyone has access to? Places full of secrets and history, but not a common history. These places are going to be the storytellers of the family that ruled Florence and later Tuscany, because we are going to be at ‘’Palazzo Vecchio’’, Medici family palace during its existence in Florence. A fake painting that becomes the door of a little room which tells you and your kids years of history condensed in a moment of surprise. Do you want to spy ‘’Il Salone dei Cinquecento’’ from the same little hole from where Bianca Cappelo used to do it? Or see how Vasari built this incredible saloon exploring it from the back? If yes, this is the perfect tour. It is going to wake up the kids’ curiosity, but also the adults’! The perfect way to explain this rich history!