What to ask your Travel Agent?

Have you decided to book a vacation? In addition to choosing the destination and company to travel with, there would be some questions that would be a good idea to ask the Travel Agent before to make the trip.

First of all it would be advisable for the Travel Agent to have direct knowledge of that particular destination: ask if he has actually visited the place and if he has already sold that travel package to other customers. In fact, reading the information on the brochure is often not enough.
Second, remember to ask if there are any special offers that apply to your situation: sometimes there are discounts for seniors, children, groups, military, pregnant women, etc ….

Another detail concerns the travel dates. What is the best time to travel? Choose the right time to leave, following the Travel Agent’s advice to avoid rainy seasons, colder periods or those that are too hot. It would then be better if the departure and return dates were flexible; you could agree with your Travel Agent so that you are allowed to change your travel dates by taking advantage of last minute offers or by booking at the very last moment.

How much money can you spend on the trip? Is there a limit?

Create, with the help of the Travel Agent, a list of things to see, cities to discover and things not to be missed. Other questions to ask concern, for example, the location of the hotels chosen, in order to better organize visits. Ask the Travel Agent, according to your needs, if any on-site excursions are already included in the travel package. And if you have no idea what to visit, your Travel Agent will be able to advise you about it. Another thing to know is if you are on half board or full board and if drinks are included. Or you could ask how to dine in alternative restaurants to those included in the holiday package.

Since travel cancellation can happen at the last minute due to force majeure, make sure you understand what your travel insurance includes and whether in case of cancellation you will be refunded something.

If you have particular feeding problems (you are celiac or allergic to certain foods), inform the Travel Agent in time so that there is the possibility of having, once you arrive at your destination, foods specially for you without contamination by normal food.

Are tourist taxes included or are they paid locally? Are the sockets compatible with European ones or do you have to take an adapter? Also find out about the laws in force in the Country of destination.

Last but not least, ask if airport-hotel transfers, travel insurance (not only medical, but in case of cancellation of flights, etc.) are included.