The festivals of Palazzo Ca’ Rezzonico

Eighteenth-century Venice was famous for the parties and banquets held almost every evening in the sumptuous palazzos on the Grand Canal. One of the most famous and opulent among them was Ca’ Rezzonico, one of the most lavish in the most splendid city in Europe. The palazzo belonged to one of the most influential noble families in the city, which even boasted a pope among its ranks. The palazzo did not lose its power with the passage of time, so much so that the English poet Robert Browning established his residence there. Today, the palazzo has been transformed into a museum and offers visitors the chance to experience a perfectly preserved period residence, complete with period furnishings, and admire frescoes by Giambattista and Giandomenico Tiepolo and a rare collection of paintings by Canaletto and Pietro Longhi.