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TAOLS Art Selection 2023

Italy has often been chosen by international artists to showcase their masterpieces. From Florence and its surrounding areas to Rome, passing by Venice, Milan and Genova, 2023 seems to be a wonderful year for art lovers. Taols staff selected some events you cannot miss!

Welcome to our top art exhibitions selection 2023!


Olafur Eliassion: Inside your time
Dates: Until January 22nd
Location: Palazzo Strozzi

Large installations, minimal interventions and sculptures immerse the entire Palazzo Strozzi playing with light and shadow, reflections and colors, inviting visitors to observe themselves and the architecture in a completely new way. Contemporary art that is in contrast with the Renaissance Palace.

Reaching the stars
Dates: from March 4th 2023 to June 18th 2023
Location: Palazzo Strozzi

An exhibition created to to celebrate the 30th anniversary of the Sandretto Re Rebaudengo Collection, one of the most famous and prestigious collections of contemporary art in Italy. Here you can find works of art of the major contemporary artists such as Maurizio Cattelan, Sarah Lucas, Damien Hirst, Lara Favaretto, Cindy Sherman, William Kentridge, Berlinde De Bruyckere, Josh Kline, Lynette Yiadom-Boakye and Rudolf Stingel.


Le pietà di Michelangelo: three historic casts
Dates: from October 22nd 2022 to January 8th 2023
Location: Palazzo Reale

An exhibition that shows the genius of this incredible artist through the 3 casts of the statues “Pietà” that he realized during his life: Pietà Vaticana, Pietà Bandini, and Pietà Rondanini. With this exhibition, the visitors can see the development of the style of Michelangelo, from classicism to the essentialism of the last Pietà that was not completed by the artist.

Bosch and the alternative Renaissance
Dates: from November 9th 2022 to March 12th 2023
Location: Palazzo Reale

A tribute to this incredible artist, the emblem of the alternative Renaissance, famous for his paintings with monsters, fairy worlds, fires, and mystic creatures. Consider as the proof of the coexistence of multiples Renaissance styles, Bosch realized just a few works of art that rarely are exposed to the public. An unmissable opportunity to see all his paintings in just one exposition!

Andy Warhol: the advertising of  form
Dates: from October 22nd 2022 to March 26th 2023
Location: Fabbrica del Vapore

A great exhibition of 300 works: original paintings, unique works, historical serigraphs, drawings, polaroids, photographs, and original covers designed and signed by Warhol. The aim of the expo is to reconstruct all the historical periods, from the 50s to the 80s, in which the artist was able to innovate the history of art of the 20th century.


Frida Khalo: The chaos inside
Dates: from October 1st 2022 to February 26th 2023
Location: Mastio della Cittadella

A sensorial journey into Frida Khalo’s life, exploring her artistic but also human and spiritual dimensions. With the reproduction of her paintings, letters, her house, the clothes people can understand her life, culture, and relationship with is unique love, Diego Rivera.


The best teacher of Italy”, Il Perugino during
Dates: from March 2023 to June 2023                                                                                                 Location: Galleria Nazionale dell’Umbria

A celebration of this great teacher during the centenary anniversary of his death. This exhibition shows some of Perugino’s best works of art following the painter’s artistic periods, from the cooperation with Andrea del Verrocchio to its journey to Florence. It will also be possible to see other works of art from different artists such as Raffaello and Macrino d’Alba.


Kandinsky and the avant – guardes: point and line to plane                                                                                Dates: from September 30th 2022 to February 21st 2023
Location: Centro Culturale Candiani

Point and line to plane is the title of a famous book written by Wassily Kandinsky in 1926, one of the capital texts of modern art theory. An exhibition to celebrate his art and the one of all the avant – guardes, in fact, it will be possible to admire works of art of other artists like Mirò, Veronesi, Brauner, Mark Tobey and many others.


Van Gogh: the great exhibition
Dates: from October 8th 2022 to March 26th 2023
Location: Palazzo Bonaparte

60 paintings and letters to celebrate the life and personality of this incredible artist. The exhibition will chronologically narrate the folly of the artist, from psychiatric hospital admissions to the severed ear and the suicide in 1890.


The Macchiaioli
Dates: from October 8th 2022 to February 26 th 2023                                                                                 Location: Palazzo Blu                                                                                                                          Website:

The exhibition is dedicated to the Italian artistic style of the Macchiaoli, founded in 1862 as an innovative way of painting in a realist sense. Palazzo blu will host 120 works of art of private and public collections that tell the story of this pictorial movement, highly criticized during its time, and compared to French impressionism.

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