10 souvenirs from your trip to Italy

Which are the most loved and purchased tourist souvenirs during a trip to Italy? What is the typical Italian gift that you decide to buy for your loved ones? A trip to Italy is an opportunity to bring with you the indelible memory of a Country rich in history and culture. Going to the discovery of Italy means collecting typical products to take home with you. Precious memories of a journey through Made in Italy excellence.

1- The Sicilian puppets are the puppets dressed in precious clothes typical of the popular theater in Sicily in the 1700s. Wooden puppets, with metal and fabric decorations, which move on stage to represent epic wars and knightly plots. They are also a great gift. It will be easy to find these puppets in the many craft shops that arise in the big cities.

2- From the skilled hands of Vetri artisans, precious objects made of ceramic are born. Each phase of the process of making Amalfi Coast majolica, from the extraction of materials to processing, is carried out strictly by hand. The tiles painted with the characteristic ocher and blue colors are also very beautiful.

3- Murano glass is an exclusive creation, a luxury handcrafted product that has crossed the centuries to reach us and become one of the typical Italian objects exported all over the world. Those who arrive in Venice know that after the traditional gondola ride, there will be a choice among the numerous chandeliers, vases, bottles and glasses, to take home a symbol of Made in Italy. Each piece is unique, a guarantee of excellent craftsmanship.

4But also the Venetian masks are another symbol of Venice, linked to the famous Carnival. Artisans specialized in the processing of papier mache create these wonderful masks. Sequins, feathers, rhinestones and embroideries painted with all kinds of colors are then added to the papier-mâché base. Perfect souvenir to hang on the wall to give a touch of color and art to the walls, they are among the typical Italian products to give as gifts.

5- What to buy during a visit to Naples? Undoubtedly the most classic of Neapolitan lucky charms is the little red horn. The coral horn has a very ancient history that dates back to prehistoric times, when the first men used to hang animal horns at the entrance to the cave as a symbol of power and fertility. The horn made of coral is the classic lucky charm to keep adversity away; there are really all kinds of them, even in gold, silver and, of course, in plastic.

6- The “Grolla” is a cup made from a piece of fine wood closed by a lid and equipped with many spouts; it is probably one of the most typical artisan products of Aosta Valley. Today it is commonly called cup or “grolla” of friendship. It is the best way to drink with friends a long coffee mixed with grappa and genepì (a typical liqueur of the North West of Italy).

7- Goldsmithing is an art handed down by the Etruscans, to which the skill of Tuscan goldsmith was added to create an internationally famous product. Thanks to characteristic and exclusive procedures, the Florentine goldsmith’s art has gained fame and prestige all over the world. Among the many tourists who visit Ponte Vecchio, there are more and more those who decide to take away a precious memory of Tuscan luxury craftsmanship.

8- Amalfi Paper is a fine paper produced already in the Middle Ages and made with white hemp and cotton rags. A museum is also dedicated to this typical product of Amalfi Coast, which tells its history and evolution.

9- The stone souvenirs are the real pride of the city of Lecce, in Puglia. Typical of the place, Lecce stone has been the most used construction material for centuries to build churches and palaces. Today, it is mostly used by artisans to create jewelry, lamps, table clocks and objects of various kinds. In the alleys of Lecce and throughout the province there are hundreds of small craft shops where you can buy stone souvenirs to take home.

10- Italy is famous all over the world for its fine wines. In whichever region you are traveling, you will not fail to taste the typical wine of the area. A good idea for a souvenir to take home is therefore to buy a bottle of typical local wine. You can sweep from white to red, without forgetting the rosés. If you want to take home a valuable souvenir, you can also opt for a wine aged several years. In addition to wines, it is also possible to buy typical liqueurs.