Why Open-Air Tours in Italy Should be on Your Bucket List

As the world starts to adjust to the new normal many of us may be starting to reconsider both where we spend our vacations, and the activities we undertake while on our holidays.

With social distancing set to be in place for some time in one form or another, for the moment traditional holiday pursuits such as crowded bars, bustling tourist hotspots and packed beaches may be off the menu. However, this also allows us to discover more unique and exciting ways to spend our well-deserved breaks.

Here at Taols, we offer a range of unique open air experiences in Italy that allow you and your fellow guests to enjoy spending time together while observing the best safety practices.

Whether you wish to explore our cities, countryside and beaches safely and securely or prefer to bring more entertainment directly to you at your villa or residence – we have an array of tours to suit all ages and preferences.

Getting back to nature in Italy

Most of us have spent a lot of time staying home in recent months and are now excited to get back to exploring nature in all of its beauty. Italy offers some of the most breathtaking countrysides in Europe, and here at Taols, we are excited to help you explore it.

Consider trekking in Tuscany. Whether you are an experienced hiker or a family wishing to explore the hidden secrets of the Tuscan countryside with a specialist with inside knowledge – we provide you with your perfect itinerary with our English speaking guides who will show you the way – allowing you to explore like a local.

open air tours in italy

For those who are enchanted with a star-lit sky, our Star Gazing at night tour is an enticing guide through astronomy. An expert will come to your villa with their professional telescope to guide you through the wonders of the moon, planets and far away stars. An excellent evening for children and adults alike, you will be provided with skymaps to enjoy the experience to it’s fullest – and there are fun “space games” for the children. Visit in August, and you may just be treated to a show of our famous falling stars – so get your wishes ready.  

Bike Tours in Italy

There really is no better way to experience the exceptional scenery of Italy than by hitting the open road on a bike tour. The spectacular Tuscan countryside is dotted with charming and enchanting cities, like Lucca, that feature quaint meandering lanes that lead to the discovery of medieval historic treasures, and awe-inspiring sprawling views of the astonishing landscape.

If you prefer two-wheeled sightseeing at a faster pace, a Vespa tour offers an authentically Italian alternative way to navigate the city centre of fabulous Florence, and its picturesque country roads that direct you to lush olive groves and vineyards.

Outdoor tours in cities

While there’s no doubt that exploring the countryside should be on your Italian bucket list, so many of us love to view the architecture and enjoy the sights of Italy’s cities.

Milan’s magnificent waterways offer a culturally and historically rich open-air excursion that is undeniably relaxing. From the scenic Grand Canal, and the iconic Darsena di Milano, you can soak up the romantic atmosphere while enjoying a delicious ice cream.

Or what about viewing Florence from the sky? Our hot-air-balloon tours allow you to enjoy a birds-eye view of our beautiful land without having to set foot in the city centre.

Whether you choose an open-air tour of the magnificent cities or the stunning countryside, Italy is working hard on upgrading safety standards in the coming months to ensure your travel experience is unforgettable and safe.